Saturday, June 6, 2009

On June 5th, 2009 my little Mikayla graduated from the 6th grade. In Utah, kids go to Elementary school K-6 and then Jr. High School for 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. So, leaving elementary life is a pretty big deal! The following pictures are from her 6th grade graduation.
Annie, Kayla, Ashley, J.D. and John. June 5, 2009

J.D., Kayla, and Annie at Kayla's 6th grade graduation. June 5, 2009

Mikayla about to sing her graduation song, Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park. June 5, 2009
Beautiful girl!

Magnet strips placed by the cook top so I don't have to fumble for my cooking utensils that I use the most! Now that's quality you can only get when your husband does the work!

Look! John even put magnets behind the sink so when there is a sharp knife to be washed (as illustrated) you won't stab yourself!!
More projects! This was a wall between the formal living area and the dining room. We decided it was a little too much obstruction so we removed it. The finish carpentry is not done yet but this gives you a pretty good idea of what it will look like.
Here is an overall picture of the new kitchen. The far left (can't see in this picture) is going to be more counter space and a desk area with some cabinets. There is still a lot of work to be done but we've come a long way baby! It's been 6 months of non-stop work. Fortunatly John was able to do all of it himself (with some little helpers). We only had to hire out for the counter-tops (which are REALLY cool recycled glass), and we will have to order custom cabinets.

Hood, and cooktop

Obviously, we're needing more cabinetry work done here.

Annie at J.D.'s school May 20, 2009
Annie and J.D. goofing around before his preschool graduation ceremony. May 20, 2009

J.D. at his preschool before his graduation program. He is 'posing' for this picture. May 20, 2009
Can you see the blue chair on the left? The empty one...that was supposed to be J.D.'s chair. His teacher actually gave him 3 parts in the program (more than all the other kids), because he did so well in the practices. Anyhow, he had stage fright and would not go up with his class for the entire program!

J.D. with his teacher (in the black), Mrs. Bennion.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Remember what we all did as kids? I don't think it looked like 4 year old has a computer class in pre-school! So hard to believe...

Brandon and J.D.

Annie and Mikayla relaxing on the couch together. They are such good girls :)
April, 2009

Mikayla and Annie, ham'n it up before their big party. As you will be able to tell by the next few pics, they wanted to have a luau style birthday this year. May 2nd, 2009

Left to Right: J.D., Brandon, Annie, and Mikayla, posing before the party!

While we were waiting for the very late bounce house, kids were starting to arrive and were piling up all over the house! Here Mikayla is on the left and Annie is the second one in on the left. All the other kids around are anxious party goers! May 2nd, 2009
This is how you keep 50 kids pre-occupied, (not all at once of course)! May 2nd, 2009

Brandon was the 'ref' of the pinata. He's in the orange, Elli is the baby behind him. May 2nd, 2009

Mikayla's 'beach scene' cake. May 2nd, 2009
Annie's 'lei' cake. May 2nd, 2009
Time for gifts!

Pin the tail on the elephant, anyone?
And what party would be complete without gigantic bubbles?!?

Awww, after all that, John and I sat outside and relaxed. Away from the kids I might add!

Once again, pictures just can't always show the comedy of a situation. In this picture J.D. is laying on the white chair and ordering Annie to bring him things. The funniest part was that she was actually doing it! Normally she would not. May, 2009
J.D., just being cute. May, 2009

We took Annie and J.D. to the 3D movie Monsters vs. Aliens. I thought these glasses looked hilarious on the kids. It's hard to tell but they were twice the size of their faces!

Annie at the 3D movie.
J.D. right before school picture day. I've been trying to take pictures before they leave the house because they always look so cute when I send them out the door but then when you get the school pictures their hair is everywhere and they're dirty! May, 2009

Annie and J.D. on our bed reading us books. Doesn't J.D. look so much like Skyler?!?
Here is Annie, on her actual 8th birthday. Here she is about to go to school. May 1st, 2009

More of Annie on her way to school, May 1st, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

On the Saturday morning before Easter the park in our subdivision has an egg hunt for all of the kids in the neighborhood. Here is J.D., ready to hunt!

Annie at the park egg hunt

The Saturday before Easter we were actually able to get our whole family together (no small task).
From left to right, back row:
My brother-in-law Chris and my sister Mandy, holding their newest edition, Oliver, myself holding J.D., John, my brother Derek and his wife JoAnne holding their daughter, Elizabeth
Left to right, front row:
Annie, my mom holding my sisters daughter Gracie, my dad holding my brothers son Drew and daugher Abby
Annie and J.D. coloring eggs for the Bunny to hide

Early Easter morning the kids had an egg hunt in our backyard. Here is J.D. finding an egg.

More egg hunting

This is such a perfect example of J.D. and Annie. She is always so cheerful and happy, and he is always mad at her for something! In this picture he's upset because she found one more egg than he did!